del Centro

Milonga del Centro

April 22, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Mesa Women's Club
200 N. MacDonald St. Mesa
AZ. 85201
Jeff & Neri
Milonga del Centro @ Mesa Women's Club

Jeff and Neri  found this old neighborhood women’s club in downtown Mesa that has such a nostalgic feel for Argentine Tango that they want to share it with the community. The clubhouse, built in 1929, still has its wonderful original wood floor and soft romantic lighting.

“Milonga del Centro” is a nod to the traditional milongas of downtown Buenos Aires that continue to honor the codigos or “codes” . Milonga etiquette is highly encouraged and Golden Age Tango music is  formatted in tandas with cortinas.

Being situated in a residential area, we need to respect the homes nearby and end the dance at 10:00pm. Please join us in this unique venue for an evening of beautiful Tango dancing.