Helmut Salas

helmut_bioHelmut grew up in New York City where he actively participated in the city’s rich dance scene since the 70’s. His haunts were the Disco’s where he discovered his dance abilities. Wanting more, he sought out Jazz, Ballet and Ballroom schools to improve his talents. Helmut has been teaching ballroom since the late 70’s and was a finalist in American and International style ballroom competitions. Starting 1990 he toured the US and Asia with American Ballroom Theatre and Ballet los Pampas an Argentine Tango and Folkloric dance company.

Helmut started developing his teaching techniques in Argentine Tango when Luis Bravo’s FOREVER TANGO opened on Broadway and hundreds of students came to learn the passion of The Argentine Tango. His Tango Barre Curriculum uses a biomechanical approach to understand the human body’s range of motion to deal with partners. Tango Barre consists of 5 elements.1-posture, 2-hold, 3-6 dance positions, 4-upper body movement, 5-lower body movement.

Contact Helmut at Cell: 602 7174929, E-mail: zentango@cox.net