Ravi Khalsa

ravi-khalsaI began studying Argentine Tango with Mauricio Castro in 2003. At the time, my wife and I were experienced partner dancers looking for a way to have more fun dancing. We found it in Argentine Tango with Mauricio and Tango Discovery!

Mauricio was training teachers back then and I began making regular trips to Buenos Aires for workshops and private lessons. Mauricio certified me to teach the Tango Discovery Method. Since then, I have helped Mauricio produce training materials, mostly proof reading English translations. This has given me unprecedented access to Mauricio and a deep understanding of Tango Discovery.

I have countless hours of dancing and practicing, have trained dancers for many hours of group and private lessons and have taught tango workshops in North America, all exclusively in the Tango Discovery Method.

You can contact me at ravi@tangoaz.com or visit http://tangoaz.com